Feed-For all your Farm and Ranch needs!



Cake:  20% Hubbard (with or without Magnesium), 28% Hi-fat

Salt: Fine Rock, C-fine, Eddi Bag & Block, Cobalt Bag & Block, White Block

MLS Tubs: 20% all natural, 20% all natural w/ Magnesium, Flax tub, Mineral Tub, 

Crystalyx Tubs: Crystalyx 20%, Crystalyx 20% w/ 2% Hi magnesium, Crystalyx 20% w/ biomos 

Mineral: GE Mineral High Copper No Selenium,
              Our Mineral also comes with Magnesium, Rumensin R1600 and a choice of fly control with Clarifly or Garlic.

Horse Feed: Sweet Feed, Woody's Summer Heat, Dakota Mill and Grain Corn Oats and Barley, GE Straight horse pellet, Total Equine and Oats .

Dog Food: NutriSource Adult Chicken & Rice (also Adult Large Breed, Senior and Puppy), NutriSource Lamb & Rice, & Country Value High Energy (Blue) as well as Country Value Adult Dog (Red), and Milkbones treats

Cat Food: Meow Mix & Country Value (Green 40lbs)

Milk Replacer:  Land O' Lakes 50lbs and 25lbs bags,  50lbs Hubbard we also carry a 50lbs milk pellet Calf-Manna.

Chicken Feed: We carry a Hubbard Homestead Layer(Pelleted), Hubbard Homestead Starter/Grower, Chicken Stratch, Yaggies Chicken Layer Crumble, Oyster shell, & Cracked corn

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